HTN 180 Px - Extra Strength
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure (already within normal ranges)
  • Healthy Parasympathetic Activity
  • Vascular Tone
  • Blood Vessel Relaxation

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Suggested use: 1 capsule twice daily, or as directed by a health care practitioner. Can be taken with or without food.
Formulation Features:
  • May promote healthy blood flow, especially in the heart
  • Helps to support immune function
  • Supports healthy blood vessel integrity
  • Additional Indian Snakeroot extract, 8x more per capsule than orginal strength helps support antioxidant defenses

HTN 180 Px Extra Strength is designed to optimize cardiovascular function by supporting blood vessel relaxation and coronary flow. This concentrated formula is particularly useful when emotional support, relaxation, and healthy sleep/wake cycles are needed.

This formula provides powerful alkaloids including ajmaline and sparteine that have been investigated for their ability to invoke parasympathetic activity in the brain, potentially helping calm the mind and body. Ghandi drank Indian Snake root tea as a calming agent.

The Extra Strength Formula contains 50 mg per serving of Indian Snake Root extract, as compared to 12 mg of Indian Snake Root extract in our Original HTN 180-Px formula.

The Mistletoe Leaf in this formula also provides vasoactive amines that support vascular tone and Hawthorn berry has been shown to support the vascular system.

Caution: This product may potentiate blood pressure lowering medications. Monitor blood pressure while taking this product.

UPDATE ON FORMULA IMPROVEMENTS: After a year of extensive research and laboratory testing, we have made some exciting formula improvements to HTN 180 Px Extra Strength. We have replaced the endangered Indian Snake Root with African Snake Root, a sustainably wildcrafted species of rauwolfia. Our research and testing shows African Snake Root to be more effective and potent than the Indian variety. We used HPLC-Mass Spectrometry testing, a more expensive and time-consuming form of testing to verify these results. HPLC-Mass Spectrometry gets the most accurate results when there are competing constituents in the same wavelength. Rather just counting all the constituents in a bandwidth, HPLC-Mass Spectrometry actually weighed the alkaloids in the formula, verifying the potency of HTN 180 Px Extra Strength. Our testing verifies that the potency of the formula is the same as before. The recommended dosage has not changed.

Summary of changes: Indian Snake Root changed to African Snake Root

Was: 50 mg of a 10:1 Extract (Indian Snake Root)

Current: 100 mg (African Snake Root)

Benefit: African Snake Root is more potent than the Indian variety and it is not necessary to make an extract to obtain the minimum constituent bio-markers per dose.