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“When you practice medicine, you want to trust that what you are giving the patient will do the job…that's why I distribute Restorative Formulations in my office. My patients ask for Restorative Formulations by name because they see the improvements taking them has made.”

–Karan Baucom, MD

Board Certified OBGYN
Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine
Baucom Institute for Longevity &
Life Enhancement

“This entire Restorative Formulations product line is effective in almost every area of my medical practice. I use the cardiac products for almost all my patients to support their cardiovascular health.”

–Gerrie Lindeque, MD

Anesthesiologist and Cardiologist
South Africa

Best Seller
HTN 180 Px
“As a cardiologist, I believe Restorative Formulation’s HTN 180 Px extra strength products are the most effective BP optimizing formulas on the market. Consistent, effective levels of the active alkaloids, which stabilize the arterial vessels, is paramount. Restorative Formulations is transparent on their alkaloid levels. The consistent clinical results I have experienced support their efforts.”
–Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA
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