What We Do

Restorative Formulations is a hands-on, physician-owned company: Michael Friedman, ND; Denis Wilson, MD

Restorative Formulations offers physicians a range of therapeutic formulations designed to maximize hormone, cardiac, and immune function in the clinical setting. We set the standard for purity and potency, with 95% of our botanicals and botanical extracts certified organic.

We’re proactive in our commitment to the environment by using biodegradable packing peanuts, manufacturing in amber glass bottles instead of plastic, and by practicing sustainable resourcing. We pledge 100% carbon offset for manufacturing and shipping. Restorative Formulations donates up to 10% of profits to environmental, conservation and social justice organizations.



Gerrie Lindeque, MD

“I have been using these products for over ten years. This entire Restorative Formulations product line is effective in almost every area of my medical practice. I use the cardiac products for almost all of my cardiac patients to support their cardiovascular health.”

— Gerrie Lindeque, MD
Anesthesiologist and Cardiologist
South Africa

“When you practice medicine, you want to trust that what you are giving the patient will do the job… My patients ask for Restorative Formulations by name, because they see the improvements taking them has made.”

— Karan Baucom, MD
Board of Certified OBGYN,
Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine
Baucom Institute for Longevity and Life Enhancement

Karan Baucom, MD

The Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine

Our Partners in Education

Above all else, the world of Restorative Medicine relies on one thing: knowledge.

At Restorative Formulations, we work closely with the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM) to ensure that Restorative Formulations are crafted according to the latest science available, as well as to further educate both our Practitioner Partners and their patients. If you would like to earn a deeper understanding of the most cutting edge information available regarding restorative medicines and treatment techniques, we encourage you to explore what AARM has to offer, starting with the links below.


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