Meet Your Farmers

Most manufacturers know their distributors. We know our farmers.


Quality Sourcing from U.S. Farms

Sourcing raw materials from U.S. farms ensures excellent quality control. We work with our farmers to help them grow and harvest crops that have traditionally been sourced in Asia, where materials pass through multiple hands and product tracing can be unreliable.

Our process includes methods that maximize the concentration of key ingredients by taking advantage of optimal harvest times and drying techniques.

We are the first in our industry to locally source:

  • Certified organic cultivated Rhodiola (Alaska)
  • Certified organic Blue Flag (Oregon)
  • Certified organic Lily of the Valley (Vermont)
  • Certified organic Holy Basil, or Tulsi (Vermont)

We are also the first to maximize the rosmarinic acid content in Lemon Balm without the use of any solvents.


Zack Woods Herb Farm

Hyde Park, Vermont

Jeff and Melanie Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm recently co-authored the book, The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer. Zack Woods’s farm produces organic Holy Basil (Tulsi) and organic Lemon Balm used in Restorative Formulations Adrenal Balance Capsules and ThyroCalm Px, respectively. The species of Holy Basil used and the timing of the harvest has yielded the highest amount of volatile oils we have found. We have also found the highest levels of rosmarinic acid in Zack Woods Lemon Balm.

Pacific Botanicals

Grants Pass, Oregon

Mark Wheeler established Pacific Botanicals in 1979. Since 2009, Pacific Botanical has produced over 2,000 pounds annually of certified organic herbs for use in Restorative Formulations Thyroid Px, ThyroCare, and Adrenal Balance Capsules. The constituents in Blue Flag (Iris sp.) and Hawthorne from Pacific Botanical have tested highest in polyphenols when compared to other suppliers.

Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms

Worcester, Vermont

Karen and Brian Wiseman started their mushroom farm in 2015, after Karen worked for 21 years engineering pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals for a major pharmaceutical company. They grow Lion’s Mane mushrooms for Restorative Formulations. Based on lab tests performed on six samples of Lion’s Mane currently sold on the market, their growing techniques produce Lion’s Mane with twice the highest amount of diterpene derivatives versus the leading brand and 10 times more than most brands.