Oregano Oil Px

Oregano Oil Px
  • Supports a gastrointestinal microbiome environment which supports healthy bacteria proliferation.
  • Balanced immune system support
  • Supports a healthy intestinal microbiome in the presence of normal gut bacteria.

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Item #: RF-1195-U

  • Safely steam-distilled oregano essential oil; no toxic solvents used in manufacturing.
  • Standardized to over 70% carvacrol concentration, naturally.
    Some brands enhance their oregano oil supplements with synthetic carvacrol to achieve levels above 80%.
  • Contains safe and natural levels of thymol at <2%, to support a healthy microbial environment throughout the body.
  • Steam distilled essential oil delivered in an emulsion of non-GMO lecithin for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Non-GMO lecithin used as an essential oil emulsion.

One to two capsules per day or as directed by your healthcare provider. Best used with food.