Triple Turmeric Px – 60 caps

Triple Turmeric Px – 60 caps

Delivers standardized levels of curcuminoids and turmerones combined with the supporting constituents offered in a whole herb base.

  • Triple Turmeric Px uses both phospholipids and the full spectrum essential oil. A study performed by Charles River Lab, Wilmington, MA found no statistical difference in the absorption of curcuminoids when comparing Triple Turmeric Px to Meriva.
  • Lipophilic curcuminoids cross the blood brain barrier
  • Turmerones support healthy neurotransmitter function
  • Neural stem cell proliferation and neuroprotection
  • Curcuminoids support the body’s natural action of clearing beta-amyloid plaque.
  • Curcuminoids support normal acetylcholine levels.
  • Turmerone supports healthy normal levels of monoamines and neural stem cell proliferation.
  • Balances NF-kB to effectively mediate prostaglandin activity throughout the body.
  • Provides relief of minor pain due to occasional overuse, without side effects.

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Item #: RF-1375-U

Turmeric is more than just curcumin!

The lead curcumin researcher Ajay Goel, PhD, has indicated there is a superior advantage to using the whole herb plus essential turmeric oils for synergistic benefits. Triple Turmeric Px is a liquid capsule combining organic turmeric root, 95% curcuminoid turmeric root extract and 40% turmerones from supercritical turmeric extract, for superior synergistic qualities. Supercritical extract uses CO2 as a non-toxic solvent to extract essential turmeric oil constituents, such as various turmerones and aromatic curcumene, and is superior to hexane solvents used for plant extracts.

In addition to essential turmeric oils, this formula provides added ingredients to enhance the bioavailability of active turmeric constituents. Non-GMO soy-sourced lecithin has been added as an emulsifier to overcome absorption issues related to the lipid soluble turmeric.

  • Contains 95 mg curcuminoids and 20 mg turmerones per liquid capsule, as compared to phytosome technologies which contain only 20% curcumin of the total weight.
  • Offers a full range of curcumin bio-constituents not present in other formulas, for optimal potency and activity.
  • Non-GMO lecithin lipid delivery system for increased absorption.
  • Black pepper extract for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Includes essential turmeric oil constituents such as various turmerones and aromatic curcumene.

1 vegi-cap twice daily, with or without food, or as directed by healthcare practitioner.