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  • Certified Organic
  • Finished Products Testing
  • Natural Products Associations GMP Certified Quality Certification Grade A
  • AARM Conference - October 1-4 2015
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13th Annual Restorative Medicine Conference

14th Annual Restorative Medicine Conference

Join us at the 14th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference at the Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island, September 16-18, 2016.

Learn from internationally-recognized experts in hormone therapy, nutrition, and botanical medicine. Conference speakers will present emerging research and up-to-date protocols that empower physicians to maximize patient recovery rates and build their practices.

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Maximal Curcumin Absorption through a Synergistic Combination

Quercetin, resveratrol and curcumin are popular natural products due to their efficacy, but they are known to have poor intestinal bioavailability. The next generation of these ingredients will focus on technology that enhances their absorption. In this original, in-vitro study, researchers examined how each ingredient enhances the absorption of the others.
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Cortisol Balance


Adrenal Support with Licorice Extract: What Works and What to Watch Out For

Glycyrrhiza glabra contains the sweet saponic glycoside, glycyrrhizin, giving licorice its signature flavor. Botanical expert David Winston, RH (AGH) co-authors this review on how this constituent has been shown in studies to support healthy cortisol levels and aldosterone activity. This article also includes the clinical applications for licorice and important potential side effects to watch for.
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Look for Certified Organic or Wildcrafted Herbs because Quality Matters

The recent news about New York State implementing herbal testing on four mass market brands of dietary supplements is extremely significant for the natural products industry. Many herbal products failed the testing for multiple reasons. However, Restorative Formulations has set a standard unsurpassed by any other brand of supplements by using 95% Certified Organic or wildcrafted herbs.
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Do TSH Tests Accurately Reflect Levels in All Tissues?

The pituitary gland uses different intracellular thyroid hormone transporters than other tissues. As a result, this master gland does not always trigger an increase in TSH when needed. Kent Holthorf, MD, describes how patients with this complication may present with classic symptoms, such as low body temperature, fatigue, cold intolerance or low libido, yet register as “normal” on standard thyroid tests.
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Benefits & Cautions of Using an Alkaloid-Containing Herb in Synergistic Formula

Reserpine, derived from Rauwolfia serpentine, is known to have powerful actions, but because of its intensity, there must be a mindfulness of its possible side effects. Rauwolfia can be combined with Viscum and Piscidia in a formula to support healthy blood vessel function and cardiac health.
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